Web-Based Training

What is WBT?

Web Based Training refers to interactive training delivered over the internet. WBTs are made up of Learning Content and Testing Content. Learning Content can be in the form of text, graphics, animations, films and games. Testing Content can be in the form of interactive elements which track a learner's results and progress.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Environment, Health and Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hygiene, Cleaning & Disinfection are some of the topics which can be delivered in the form of eLearning to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Using films to recreate real life scenarios can make the eLearning very effective.

Training Needs of all flavours

Engaging, Entertaining, Enlightening

We make eLearning a pleasure to consume. Our Learning content is built to engage the learner and to enliven the learning experience. We entertain, they learn.


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